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Bucky Gusto Inflatable Neck Pillow

Sold by: U.N. Luggage


Make custom comfort a breeze! Travel is often long and exhausting, Winnipeg to Sydney Australia can be a full 24-hour day of flights and layovers. You want to be sure to enjoy your trip completely, not exhausted the moment you arrive to your final destination. The Gusto Neck Pillow is here to lend a  helping hand and allow you the comfort you deserve on these long flights, and Bucky knows travel comfort depends on a custom fit. That's why they made a better, smarter inflatable U pillow that adjusts to fit your body. Add or release air at the touch of a button to adjust firmness. Adjustable closure with cord lock keeps your head from drooping. Flip and/or swivel pillow around neck until you find 'that perfect spot.'


  • Eco-friendly inner chamber is PVC-free
  • Ideal airplane pillow
  • Easily adjusts for all neck sizes
  • Patented “on-air” valve inflates and deflates in seconds


  • Size: 11x12 in
  • Weight: .35lbs
  • Material: 100% Polyester