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Chemex Cream and Sugar

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  • Cards-on-the-table time. We don't really like to add cream and sugar to our single origin, meticulously and painstakingly sourced, delicately and carefully roasted coffee. But sometimes, only a homemade double-double will do. And on that occasion, this is the classiest way to create your beverage of choice.

    It's even super simple to use: cream (or even milk as it's so versatile) goes in the bottom, and sugar in the top. And all topped off with a wooden lid to keep your sucrose contaminant free.

    Handblown, beautifully formed, and the perfect companion to your Chemex. If this little beauty adorns your table, your home-style factor will skyrocket and any number of TV reality shows will want to use your crib as a set.

    • Wooden lid made in the USA
    • Glass base to hold sugar
    • Upper glass chamber holds fresh milk
    • Easy to clean
    • Heat-resistant non-porous Borosilicate glass made in Germany
    • Super pretty!
    • Brew Coffee in your Chemex Coffeemaker
    • Put cream (or milk!) in the bottom and sugar in the top
    • Serve with the coffee!
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