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Chemex Double Walled Coffee Mug

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  • James Bond's favourite coffee maker (at least, we like to think so) just got a fine new companion. A double-walled glass coffee mug that's a delight to drink out of and matches your CHEMEX® coffeemaker! The double-walled construction provides extra insulation and when you fill this mug up with coffee, voila! It holds the coffee in the shape of the CHEMEX® coffeemaker for a magical experience only outdone by the great taste of the cup you’ve just brewed. That is, if your coffee making skills are as good as the eminent spy's.

    • Capacity (to Rim): 296ml (10 oz.)
    • Height: 11.8cm (4 5/8")
    • Diameter: 8.6cm (3 3/8")
    • Double-walled borosilicate glass
  • Brew some coffee in your CHEMEX® coffeemaker and serve it in this beautiful, matching glass mug.