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GoBites Trio Cutlery Set

Sold by: U.N. Luggage
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Trio's low-profile storage case keeps things clean during transport, and the lightweight, durable utensils will stand up to years of abuse. The Trio tools are designed with eating in mind--comfortable to hold but robust enough for serious eating. The knife blade is sharp enough to cut a piece of chicken and the fork tines are long enough to twirl spaghetti. Handy touches like an included toothpick and a metal bottle opener embedded in the knife round out the set.


  • FDA food-safe, BPA-free, PC-free, Phthalate-free
  • Fork, Spoon, Knife, Bottle Opener, Toothpick


  • Size: 8.4" x 2.0" x .78" (Case)
  • Material: Special high-temp, high-strength nylon